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MCN International, Inc. exists to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating the sending of workers to unreached people groups throughout SE Asia and as a channel for the support and outreach needs of these of workers. To accomplish this purpose MCN works to develop a global network of partners between those who ‘Go’ and those who ‘Send’.

MCN was founded in the US in 1987, and then in the Philippines in 1989. To date, MCN sends out 21 workers who have established outreaches in The Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Over its 30 year history, MCN has established five areas of outreach.

Ten-40 Go (T4G). This is the human resource that goes to the unreached. The Gospel is communicated person to person so someone must ‘Go’.

Mt. Moriah Tribal Training School (MMTTS). A Bible school located in Mindanao, Philippines to train tribal people in leadership and plant churches.

Tribal Gospel Fellowship (TGF). A fellowship to meet the special needs of tribal pastors and churches in the Philippines.

Tribal Children’s Literacy Program (TCLP). A sponsorship program to aid tribal children in the Philippines to attend elementary and high school and be connected to a church.

Remember the Poor (RTP). Helps to supply emergency disaster and medical aid to unreached people groups and individuals MCN works with.