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Here are some questions frequently are asked about TCLP:


Where does my monthly contribution go?

  • Education, an opportunity to learn to read and write.
  • School uniform
  • Textbooks and School Supplies
  • Medical attention
  • Nutritious lunch
  • Dormitory Program-opportunity to accept kids who live far away where there are no schools so they can go to school
  • Most importantly an opportunity to know Jesus loves and cares for them!


Will I hear from my child?

Yes, you should receive correspondence twice a year. By the end of August, you will receive a letter with information about your child along with an updated photo. Then sometime in December, you will receive a personal letter from your child with a corresponding translation. Then in March the field staff will send you an update of your child accompanied with a general report of the Program


Is it OK to send a letter to my child?

We’d like to ask the sponsors to at least write a Christmas letter to their sponsored child. Please have your Christmas communication sent to MCN Int’l’s home office by November 1st. Your letters will be sent to the Philippines to be translated to their language and given to your sponsored child. You may also email your Christmas letters directly to our Philippine Field Team to Byron and Joy Gary at by December 1st. If sending a card it can be scanned and attached to your email. Your card will be printed, translated in their language and given to your sponsored child.

We strongly encourage more communication so feel free to write a note of encouragement, prayer or even inquiries about your sponsored child as often as you desire and email it to our Philippine Field Team. Inform the Field Team if you want more pictures or videos of your sponsored child and these will be sent out to you via email.


Should I put my address on my letter?

It is important that you do not include your address in your letters to your child. We are careful to remove your address from the envelope before giving your correspondence to your child. The most important reason is to protect you from unsolicited letters asking for assistance from the child’s family or friends or even strangers. The children are very proud of you and letters that you send and therefore share them with others. As you can imagine people in the area we serve are very poor and think that a sponsor can and will help them as well. We hope you understand that we cannot release any letters containing addresses or information that will upset or confuse your child, or that may invade your privacy or theirs in any way.


Is it OK to send my child gifts?

Presents are very difficult and costly to send over overseas. However, what you can do is send in an extra love gift marked for “TCLP Christmas Gifts.” Each Christmas we make sure every child in the program receives a bag of goodies and a special Christmas gift. Your help with this expense would bless all the children as well as yours!


Is it OK to visit my child?

Yes, it is very okay to schedule to come on a short-term missions trip and visit your child. Please, just contact the US office for details.


What if my child leaves the program?

There are circumstances where your child might have to drop out of the program. Usually, this is due to the family moving out of the area, sickness or just that your child doesn’t want to continue going to school anymore. If this happens we will assign you another child. There are so many tribal children waiting to be helped!



Prayer is the key!

We ask that you pray regularly for your sponsored child and his/her family. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your prayers. These children face some very difficult situations especially adverse poverty, but we have seen some amazing miracles and faith building experiences we know is due to fervent prayer.

 TCLP Praying Kids