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Remember the Poor

“They desired only that we should remember the poor,

the very thing which I also was eager to do. ”     1 Peter 2:10

Benev­o­lence to the poverty-stricken tribal people groups of Mindanao has been a foun­da­tional principle of MCN from our very begin­ning!  The esti­mated annual income for a tribal fam­ily in Min­danao is less than $500.00. That amount is barely enough for sur­vival (food and shel­ter). There is very little left over for things like edu­ca­tion, health care, and reserves in the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency.

To address these needs, MCN developed a department called REMEMBER THE POOR (RTP). The goal and purpose of RTP is to aid tribal communities and individuals is areas such as:

Medical and Emergency Help:

Dentist RTP conducts med­ical clin­ics in which vol­un­teer doc­tors and nurses to go to a tribal vil­lage to ren­der first aid and pri­mary med­ical treat­ment. RTP also gives aid in times of disease outbreaks and one-time emer­gency grants in times of individual medical emergencies. Plans are under­way to pro­vide for a mobile med­ical clinic, which would be able to reach into these remote vil­lages with pro­fes­sional med­ical assis­tance such as immu­niza­tions, well­ness classes, mid­wifery, and basic first aid.


Clean Water:

Clean Water FilterDrinking water in tribal villages most often comes from open surface water sources which are easily polluted.  Outbreaks of diarrhea, amoeba, liver fluke, typhoid, and other water borne diseases are common occurrences in tribal areas and many of die, especially children, each year from these diseases.  Sourcing clean water is a very important need for these communities however the cost of installing and maintaining sanitary water systems render such impossible.



Water FilterRTP believes individual water purification in each tribal house is the most effective and cost efficient means to achieve this.  RTP wants to supply each tribal house with a Sawyer Water Filter.  The Sawyer Company markets these units at more than $70 each, however, makes them available to MCN for $50 each if placed in impoverished tribal households.

Medical and Dentist Support March 2017