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About Us

MCN’s Vision Statement

Dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those that haven’t heard, disciple new converts, and help establish indigenous churches among unreached people groups.  To accomplish this MCN works to develop a partnership between western resources and missionaries and resources & missionaries in the target people group or country

Who is MCN?

MCN is a U.S. based mission organization founded in 1987. The foundational conviction of MCN is that every people group needs a church that is relevant to their own language and culture. MCN missionaries seek to identify the unreached people groups within a country, then partner with organizations within that country to plant churches and help train church leadership.

As a para church mission organization, MCN’s primary emphasis is the sending of personnel to assist other organizations in their church planting efforts.  MCN missionaries are dedicated to the task of helping the people come to know Jesus and accept Him as their personal Savior and Lord of their lives, and then to disciple these new converts. If the Lord directs, they then work to promote local churches based on a sound biblical foundation using the proven New Testament model.

We want to see people accept Jesus, be baptized in water, be filled with the Spirit of God, discipled into mature Believers, and be established into a local church body.

Brief History:

Roger & Jan Tompkins
Roger & Janice Tompkins Founders of MCN

MCN’s first outreach began in 1987 to the unreached tribal minorities of Mindanao, Philippines Tribal Minorities, and Muslims.  Partnering western missionaries with national missionaries has been a guiding principle of MCN from the very beginning.

This strategic partnering has enabled MCN to establish effective ministry to several unreached animistic tribal groups in Mindanao: Subanen, Mamanwa, Higaonon, Manobo and Mandaya-Mansaka. In 1989 a sister organization was founded in the Philippines called MCN-Tribal Ministries (MCN-TM), to better serve the Filipino unreached and provide a covering for Filipino missionaries.

A goal of MCN since its inception has been to promote mission involvement among the churches of the Philippines and serve as a sending organization for Filipino missionaries into Asia.  Through MCN’s mission challenge to the Philippines churches, in 2002 MCN began sending Filipino missionaries outside the Philippines with churches and individuals standing behind them with their support and prayers. To date MCN has sent missionaries to Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia.