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Tribal Gospel Fellowship

MCN International began an outreach to the Subanen tribal groups of Western Mindanao in late 1987. By 1993 seven Subanen churches had been planted by tribal graduates of Mt. Moriah Tribal Training School (MMTTS) and two additional tribal people groups, the Mamanwa in NE Mindanao and the Manobo in Eastern Central Mindanao had been engaged. The Subanen pastors and churches naturally looked to MCN for leadership and with additional tribal churches in the process of being planted MCN, in order to avoid becoming a church organization, created Tribal Gospel Fellowship (TGF).

The purpose of TGF was to develop leadership within the tribal pastors with the goal that at some point in the future TGF would incorporate as a legal Philippine church organization allowing MCN to remain a mission organization targeting other unreached people groups.

TGF Pastors 2

To date TGF has a membership of about 40 pastors and 33 churches in 8 tribal people groups (Subanen, Mamanwa, Manobo, Man¬daya, Mansaka, Ata Manobo, Higaonon and Dabaeno). It has not yet applied for incorporation status with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, however tribal leadership for this is in place, and a draft of incorporation and by-laws has been developed with revisions for a final in process.


MCN partners with TGF to provide:

  • A means for them to license pas­tors, and to own build­ings and property.
  • Con­tin­ued pas­toral train­ing, skills devel­op­ment, and spe­cial train­ing seminars
  • An annual con­fer­ence for pas­tors and their spouses to gather for fel­low­ship, prayer, planning and renewal.
  • Tem­po­rary and per­ma­nent build­ing con­struc­tion aid.
  • Physical assistance in community health improvement and natural disasters aid.

MCN’s goal is that TGF becomes a self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating orga­ni­za­tion incor­po­rated under Philip­pine laws. When that hap­pens, MCN will con­tinue a rela­tion­ship with TGF, but mostly in an advi­sory and aid capacity.