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Donation Options

Supporting MCN through your Gifts

MCN International missionaries and projects are dependent upon the faithful contributions of friends and supporters. These can be special contributions or regular, monthly, quarterly, or yearly gifts. There is also non-cash gifts or provisions click on the links below for further information about these options.

Cash Giving
Credit Card Giving
Electronic Funds Transfer
Non-Cash Giving
Wills and Living Trust
Financial Policies


In the United States or another country:

The most com­mon method of mak­ing con­tri­bu­tions is to send a dollar check or Money Order, in the currency of the donors country, to the US office indi­cated below with an attached note with your person or project des­ig­na­tion. We will imme­di­ately send you a tax-deductible receipt and a return enve­lope to expe­dite your next contribution.

MCN International, Inc
PO Box 55938
Portland, OR 97238

In the Philippines:

The preferred method of making a donation is a direct deposit into MCN International Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) using one of the following accounts:

Peso Donation:  Acct. #3611-0036-75

Dollar Donation:  Acct. #3614-0004-21

Please inform the Philippines Office: Your name, the date of donation, the amount, and the person or project designation by:

Email:  mcncebu@gmail.com

Phone: (32) 417-4253 (landline)

Text: 0906-898-8997(mobile)

Upon receipt, MCN will acknowledge your donation and send you an official receipt.

Credit Card

You can also make your regular contributions via credit card. Some people use this tool as a convenient way of writing one rather than multiple checks monthly. Ministries to Christian Nationals can also handle your gifts this way. We currently use Pay Pal for credit card donations.


Flexible donating options including ACH, Debit or Credit Cards, Recurring automatic donations, and includes a personal history of online donations

PayPal accounts and major credit cards.

Electronic Funds Transfer

As a donor to MCN you may want to take advantage of the convenience of making monthly or quarterly contributions automatically through your bank, rather than writing and sending checks each month. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider switching your contributions to the automatic plan.

  • You’ll save time, postage, and check costs.
  • You don’t have to worry about forgetting.
  • MCN saves postage, printing and administrative costs — and that means the missionary you support is better served.

It’s very easy to make the switch to MCN’s Electronic Funds Transfer plan. All you need to do is contact your bank either in person or from their web page and follow their instructions.

You can join the Electronic Funds Transfer plan at any time. And, of course, you can stop or change your payment at any time by simply letting your bank know to stop the automatic charge from your account. A record of each contribution will appear on your bank statement, plus MCN will send you a donation statement each time a donation is received and will send you year-end statement summary for income tax purposes. Thank you for your continuing support. We appreciate you and your faithfulness.

Non-Cash Giving


Certain gifts, because of size and/or other circumstances, may need to be completed over a longer period of time. Including charitable giving as part of long-range financial and estate planning is a wise investment for some. Such gifts can be made through provisions in a well-drafted will, through revocable living trust arrangements, as beneficiary designations of life insurance policies and retirement plans, and other planning vehicles. Remember, there are no limits on the amount that can be devoted to charitable use while completely bypassing federal gift and estate taxes.

Non-Cash Gifts

While cash is the most common method of making charitable gifts, there can be significant advantages in making charitable gifts using non-cash property you may own. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other properties can make excellent charitable gifts.

Another reason to make gifts in the form of non-cash property is to enjoy the dual tax incentives the U.S. Congress has provided for this type of gift. When you give property that you have owned longer than a year that has increased in value since you acquired it, you are usually entitled to an income tax deduction for the full current value of the asset, not just your cost basis. You also avoid capital gains tax that would have been payable had you sold the property. Gifts of appreciated assets are generally deductible in an amount up to 30% of adjusted gross income. Any excess deductions can be carried over into as many as the next five tax years.

Wills and Living Trusts

Giving through a will can be a convenient way to leave a charitable legacy. After providing for your loved ones, you may decide to give a specific asset, a certain amount, a percentage of your estate, or all or a portion of what remains after other commitments have been satisfied.

Giving through revocable living trusts is another avenue to consider. Many people are now using living trusts to provide for their management and final distribution of their assets. Charitable gifts can be rewarding additions to living trusts. Or you may prefer to make a gift today and retain income for the remainder of your life (and/or that of a loved one) through the use of charitable remainder trusts and similar gift plans. Summary

Including your favorite charity and making provision for continued contributions beyond your lifetime may be something you want to talk to your attorney and tax accountant about.

Financial Policies

As members of MCN International, each individual or family member is responsible to provide for or raise their own support. Except in a few non-missionary support positions, MCN does not pay salaries.

  • A personalized budget, per organizational guidelines, is established upon acceptance of personnel by the organization and is evaluated yearly or as required to reflect the costs of various locations. Each personalized budget establishes minimum support levels in order for personnel to leave for or stay on an assignment.
  • As an effective witness and for good stewardship reasons, personnel are encouraged to adopt a lifestyle as close as healthfully possible or financially viable to local lifestyles.
  • The personalized budget for personnel includes personal, work funds, as-needed funds, and outgoing costs. Some are mandatory and some are optional, per each personnel.
  • An administrative deduction is made from each donation to finance administrative costs of the organization. At present this deduction is 7% of funds donated to a missionary member and 10% of funds donated to a project or program.
  • We value each gift, large and small, and will respond immediately with receipts and promptly with thanks.
  • Our finances are always an “open book,” 990’s and other financial reports are made available upon request.
  • For non-cash gifts, the organization provides the donor with a letter acknowledging receipt of the gifts. It is the donor’s responsibility to establish a value of the non-cash donation.
  • We encourage donors to support MCN only after financial obligations to a local church are fulfilled.
  • In accordance with IRS regulations,tax-deductible gifts are made with the understanding that Ministries to Christian Nationals will administer and disburse these funds under the supervision of the Board of Directors consistent with the non-profit objectives of the organization. Every effort will be made to apply your gift according to your designation.
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or otherwise disclose your personal information outside the organization