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MCN Responds to Super Typhoon “Haiyan”

On November 8th the largest Typhoon on record hit The Philippine Islands. With sustained winds topping 195 MPH (313 KPH), and a storm surge over 13 ft, there was little that could be done to withstand the damaging force.


News agencies reported that any area that was in the direct path of the storm sustained 90% damage to any structures. In all 14 million people were affected by this super storm.



It is estimated that for $2,500 US a small but sturdy and complete house can be built, with concrete block foundation concrete floor, wood walls, and metal roof.


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MCN Missionary John Ricards responded to the need of the Philippine people immediately. He organized supplies to be brought to those in need, including Sawyer water filters. Read what he has to say about Typhoon Haiyan.   Read More


MCN Missionaries Byron and Joy Gary also traveled to the island of Leyte to give support to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.  What they saw and experienced was truly heart-breaking.  Read what they have to say about their trip to Leyte.  Read More



 Facts about Super Typhoon Haiyan:


  • Typhoon Haiyan struck the islands as a 300 mile wide category five typhoon.
  • Sustained winds of 195 MPH with gusts of 235 MPH created a devastating storm surge over 13 feet high.
  • The areas directly in the storm’s path sustained 90% damage to structures, with outlying areas still high at 70% to 80% structural damage.
  • In all 14 Million people were affected by what is called by meteorologists as a Super Typhoon.
  • 4.1 Million People have been displaced, with 1.2 Million homes destroyed.
  • Tragically, more than 6,000 people are confirmed dead, with another 1800 still missing.  More than 27,000 people have been injured
  • In the month following Typhoon Haiyan, approximately 12,000 babies have been born.
  • Typhoon Haiyan is the strongest tropical Typhoon ever to make landfall in recorded history.
  • The Philippines sees more typhoons than any other nation on earth.  In fact, no other country experiences more natural disasters than The Philippines.
  • Areas hardest hit were on Samar Island and Leyte; both in the Philippines.