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Ivy Catarman

Ivy is a child from the Mamanwa  tribe who lives in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. She was born on August 24, 2004 so she’s going to be nine years old this coming August 24th. Ivy has one younger sister and she’s also in the TCLP program.

Ivy had to repeat Kindergarten and first grade. She has a hard time learning her lessons and still has difficulty reading and writing. Her teacher encourages her to practice reading and writing even at home which she does but it just seems so hard for Ivy. Nevertheless, she’s not defeated because what she lacks in her abilities she makes it up with her positive attitude and enthusiasm to continue going to school. She doesn’t want to miss school unless she’s sick. She’s very industrious and hard working regarding her school work.  Her parents are hoping that she’ll catch up eventually since there are some kids who start slow in the beginning but sprints up later on. They’re hoping that Ivy is one of these kids.

Ivy’s  parents are don’t have a regular income  like the typical Mamanwa and Manobo families. Her father fishes on a nearby lake hoping that he’d have enough catch to buy food for his families for the day. He  also hauls newly-cut lumber on his shoulders and walks down from the mountain four to six miles to the city to bring the wood to the local lumber to sell. He gets paid $15.00 a day.  Ivy’s mother stays home to take care of the house chores and the kids.

Her father seldom attends church but Ivy attends church every Sunday with her mother. She loves Sunday School and Kids Klub and loves to sing worship songs to Jesus. She also loves to hear bible stories and hear about the lives of the people in the bible. Ivy is learning  who Jesus Christ is.