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Medical Dental Outreach-2013


In February 2013, a team of thirteen from Oregon, Michigan, England and the Philippines conducted a medical/dental outreach in several locations around Mindanao.  Dr. Mark Macdonald was assisted by several local doctors, dentists, and nurses as more than 200 patients were seen with both medical and dental needs.  Our first stop was in the mountain town of Godod, in the west of Mindanao.  Data collected from this kind of outreach will help us in planning future ministry endeavors for MCN’s ministry, REMEMBER THE POOR.



After Godod, our team traveled to the eastern side of Mindanao…the region hard hit by Typhoon Pablo in early December 2012.  Here, we visited the site of the village of Andap, which had been totally obliterated by flash floods and monster winds.  We conducted an impromptu clinic in the mountain village of Lebuac, and treated more than fifty patients.


In addition to the direct outreach to patients with medical or dental problems, RTP also demonstrated and distributed several Sawyer water filters, and taught on sustainable livelihood development projects (gardening, fishponds)